Thursday, 27 December 2012

My new normal

So, I thought I was developing allergies to a product, or eczema was flaring on my face because over the past few months I have noticed a persistent dry spot on my chin. I'd leave home and five minutes later be putting lotion on that spot. Then I read an article on Elle's website and realised that *gasp* it might be age related! I have no problems with my age, I just pretty much ignore it, let it be and do my own thing.  I would have appreciated some reciprocity.

Taking care of my skin is something I've tried to do from in my teens, and med school in Cuba meant constant sun exposure, so I'm always using face creams with SPF 15 at least. But this is different, this isn't preventative anymore. So I'm embarking on a new regimen. That eye cream that's been languishing on the side has been pulled out, and added to some new purchases. And it was fun going through everything in the skin care aisle at the pharmacy.

So whereas before I saw a serum as something to buy for my mom, I'm adding it to my daily routine, along with a gel moisturiser and an oil on top of that on my dry-prone chin. I still have my regular SPF Olay complete moisturiser for daytime and an Olay night time cream that I've been using for months and just realised it says 'firming'. So that's why my skin feels taut and a bit dry when I use it... Anyway, I'll be trying to alternate it with the gel, depending on the weather. Fingers crossed that it works.

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Monday, 24 December 2012

It's Christmas!

So Christmas is almost here! At first I didn't feel as excited as I usually do, but I guess being away from home, that's to be expected. I am excited that my husband has the day off, so I'll be spending it with him, yeah! I have finished my Christmas shopping, mostly gifts for our nieces and nephews with a few grown-up gifts in the mix. My gifts for home were bought online and shipped to friend who is home by now. So that helped me to feel connected to home.

The weather here is turning a bit since there's a cold front. I like dressing warm, something I didn't get to do much at home. But the nights take some getting used to. I did shop for tropical winter wear in advance though. Just need to remember to wear it.

This evening we went to a Nine lessons and Carol service at what I hope will become my new church home. It was so good to hear some carols, we don't sing carols till Advent is over, though they didn't sing my all time favourite, the Carol of the Bells. Tomorrow is another Carol service followed by midnight mass, so fingers crossed I'll hear it then. I like old school carols, they feel more Christmassy (yes I know). I'm counting down the hours till my husband's shift ends, and then three days of bliss (except for when I have to do homework). Merry Christmas!

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A break from my break (food, sun, but no sand)

We recently celebrated our anniversary, and although hubby had to work, he worked it out and surprised me with dinner at this amaahzing restaurant on Paradise Island. As usual, I liked what he chose for himself more, lucky he shares. 

An amazing sour sop souffle
Over the weekend we stayed at hotel for a few days. It was nice and quiet and fun just the two of us. We found an Italian restaurant, Capriccio, the first night and he wanted to eat every meal there after that!

Batter fried calamari

 Spinach and feta ravioli

Linguini with Salmon & alfredo sauce

The food was really good though, so the next day we went back for lunch and had pizza.

And somehow I wasn't hellbent as usual on getting to the beach, I just enjoyed the view of it from our room. It was a wonderful mini-vacation. Don't know when our next break will be, but looking forward to it already. It's nice to get out of our daily surroundings even if just for a little while.

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Saturday, 15 December 2012

Starting my Christmas list #2

Time to start sorting out my Christmas shopping list for my family here (my in-laws). Everything for back home has been purchased online and shipped with a friend going home, and that and school killed me for a while. Everything had to be small, so as to not be a burden, but still just right. It'll get easier, cause now I'm not limited by size. Just by my pocketbook, (hubby to the rescue!). So I realize I might have to do a bit of  steering, cause if left up to my husband, everyone, including my mother-in-law, may get something electrical. So I will definitely be choosing her gift or he's just going to get her something that plugs in. And while I know she'd appreciate a tv, I'd like us to get her something nicer that she'll use more, but that at the same time has a touch of whimsy. Still thinking about what that might be.

If I were truly evil, I'd get my nieces and nephews the noisiest toys ever! But that would surely backfire, as I'm home during the days and their parents would probably just drop them off with said toys during the holidays. And I don't have a car! So scratch that, I was just joking anyway. And I want them to love reading like their auntie, so I think I'll go in that direction.

Meanwhile, I still have no idea what to get for my husband. Anything I can think of he's gone and bout for himself. I mean seriously, who does that in the two months before Christmas? He'll surely be surprised if I actually listen to him when he says he doesn't need anything. I know gifting is not mandatory for the unemployed, but I like giving something however small, especially if it's meaningful and enjoyed. Anyway, my break is over and I have a deadline to meet. So I'll worry bout that another day. Hope everyone is having better luck than me figuring out what to gift.

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I'm considering leaving my hair be and going natural. So for the past 6 months, I have forgone processing. Which is kind of hard, cause since I have little experience with flat-ironing and all those other things, styling my hair is hard. I have found some products which help keep my fly-aways (basically all of my hair) under control. But it's hard. I was never very creative with my hair before, but now I am well and truly stumped.

So last month I did a full sew in weave for the first time. My baby nephew almost didn't recognise me at first. It lasted about a month before I got tired of it. It looked really nice at first, but while in theory I may be high maintenance, in reality I had no idea how to maintain 'my' hair. But it was fun, all glossy and shiny and bouncy and my husband liked it, or at least the colour. But the upkeep was hell. But at least I tried something new. And now I know that long term, it might not be for me. This is what I hope my hair will be like if I persevere.

 Thalia, model represented by Chantale Nadeau #NaturalHair

The outcome of all of this is that I am now hooked a couple of natural hair blogs. As if I needed more distractions from my schoolwork.

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Tuesday, 4 December 2012

So it isn't just about me.

Our anniversary is coming up, and even though this year we're technically on his turf, I want to plan a surprise. At first I was worried about him planning something as well and then I realized I had bigger problems. My credit card just expired. Not to worry, the bank is always prompt with sending out the new one. Problem is, that's back home. So, how is this going to work? Sigh. Uptown problems, right? It's  late, I'm crazy tired, so I guess in the morning I'll call around and I'm sure some nice young person will figure a way out of this minor dilemma and help me part with my money.

In the mean time I'll just dream of anniversary, Christmas, 'hush you don't have a job but you're still an amazing wife' gifts. I'm putting it out to the universe...

Moissanite earrings

It's much harder trying to figure out what to get him, he's such  a guy. And I seem to have peaked early, getting him really good stuff so early in our marriage (the Z whatever sports car is not happening unless he relaxes his views on gambling). And my half dead brain, I'm tired cause I study a lot, just kicked in (and I typed that with a straight face), I think I know what I can get him! If I can figure out how to get where it is. Again with the uptown problems. Suggestions are still welcome. Back to my schoolwork now.

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Friday, 30 November 2012

My kingdom for a car (and a sense of direction)

I'm supposed  to be getting work done today. With less than 2 hours left in the day, I'm still reminding myself of that. And surprisingly, I have gotten quite a bit done today. Today was a good day, and thank goodness, because the previous two were rough. My husband must have been wondering if I was finally having PMS, pre-menopausal, pregnant or all three. (Answer: none of the above) I was just really stressed, funny I know cause I'm not working right? And it might actually have been easier if I was working, I'd be out of the house at least. It's not easy not having a vehicle. Not that it matters cause I don't know my way around anyway. I have driven myself to church and the pharmacy. No big thing, just drive out to the main road and keep going till there you are.

So like I was saying, I started to have a breakdown (no, I was not nervous) day before yesterday. During which I managed to say that job or not I felt stressed and needed space. I have almost used up all my sociableness (I know, not a word), because as friendly as I am, I'm kind of a loner, albeit one who doesn't want to be alone. I'm okay with knowing someone is there, but I don't need to be in the same space or interacting. Which I guess is interpreted as me sleeping a lot (we're living with my in-laws till we settle and I get a job). The upside is I got an early Christmas present (yeah, like I don't recognise that the shiny thing being dangled is just to cheer me up, but I'll take it).I probably wouldn't have spent that much on myself. Well, not on just one item. Yeah hubby!

As I may have mentioned, I really want to work, but somewhere that I want to work. Not just anywhere. Which I realize is something  people  don't get. Once there are sick people, you can just get to doctoring, right? Wrong. But right now, I'll take anywhere that will give me a paycheck. My husband, bless his heart, did get me a card for his account, and in his mind it's ours. But I like to feel like I'm contributing. It makes for guilt-free shopping. And guess what? I finally got paid (for a one month job a little while back)!!! I just a need a permanent gig so we can rent somewhere near to work (and some shops).

Now if I can just get to some shops by myself...

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Wednesday, 21 November 2012

Break's over

Let me just say right off the bat, I love my in-laws. I’m one of those persons whose complaints probably sound like jokes to other people. And I know this. But it’s that or nothing. There’s a learning curve to living in someone else’s home, and adjustments have to take place. Most of these on my part because it is hard to go from renting to my own house, just me and my husband, to sharing a smaller home with five other people (including the most amazing fuss-free baby ever, seriously!). But it helps that any idea I come up with to make our (yes ‘our’) space work better, my mother-in-law thinks is the best idea since sliced bread. And my father-in-law emptied out a whole room to create a study for me, furnished it (including a couch I’m trying to figure out how to move with when we get our own place, but I know I can just ask) and surprised me with it when I came to visit. Yes folks, before I even moved here. So please remember this if anything pops up in the future that might sound like a complaint. I have it good and I know it. I just sometimes in spite of my cheery disposition, like to complain. It helps me to fit in.

 Old pic of my desk back home.
So to get to the point, I tidied out my study today and I'm back in business. As soon as I finish watching some stuff on youtube.

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Saturday, 17 November 2012


For the past two days, instead of taking advantage of my time off from classes to get a jump start on my final project, I did everything else. I cooked, I did laundry, I even tidied our room. Today I started looking at this blog meek-n-mild and kept going back. It's my new obsession. As if I wasn't talented enough at finding things to do to procrastinate: reading, cleaning (which I hate), watching tv (The View, The Chat, The anything actually and Ellen) and generally sitting around doing nothing and wasting time.

I haven't found a good coffee place yet, which means, I am learning to make amazingly good instant coffee (the only coffee lover in my in-laws house, and I left my coffee maker behind in the move). Another thing I miss about home (yes I know, unrelated), but maayybe if I found a coffee house, I'd go there and maybe do some work. Not buying it? Me either, I have lots of space here to sprawl out and study. I'm just a bum, who loves coffee.

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Thursday, 15 November 2012

Words I never though I'd say

I never thought I'd say this, but not working is not that great. I like working for lots of reasons
  1. I feel like a contributing member of society
  2. I like the feeling I get when I can see that I genuinely helped someone feel better
  3. It means seven years of medical studies aren't going to waste
  4. It means I get paid.
Don't get me wrong, I know my husband will provide for us until I start working again. But having my own money is different. It means guilt free shopping. Which isn't the same and for me isn’t even possible when at someone else’s expense.
I passed a store today with some beautiful bags. I don't need one, but normally the possibility of buying one would have existed. And that's whats killing me. More than not being freely mobile just yet, the fact that even if I do go out, it's just not the same.

I can't wait to get back to work.

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Tuesday, 6 November 2012

I quit. But for this?

So a few months back my husband returned to his home, and I stayed behind in mine, formerly ours, making preparations to follow him as soon as possible. I came here to visit him in the interim, did an interview, was offered a job and resigned from my old and beloved job. And then nothing. Followed by more nothing. As my time and my meagre savings idled away, I danced between resentment at having left a job I loved, warts and all, and taking advantage of my time off. Mostly the latter.

But all things, good or otherwise must come to an end, and with news of movement on the job front, I began to step up my efforts to downsize and pack. After illness and further delays, I was collected by my husband (romantic right? only lessened by a cough, the sniffles and aches in places I didn't know could hurt).

And so here I was, ready to work, in what would almost be my dream job. Which I did, until we all realized that wasn't going to work very well for me, my husband, our marriage or my studies. So here I am, again in the great unemployed. Trying to make the best of our odd situation. Did I mention we don’t have our own place yet? No? We don’t. So right now, I study. Or so I tell myself. And another job is in the offing, and I am with my husband, no plane ticket needed. So as I am reminded by my sisters, I must focus on the positive (which I am) and try to make the best of it (not always possible, what with horrible banking service, lack of privacy, dodgy cell phone service). But things will get better and yes, I am grateful for what I have, including an amazing husband, my sisters to whine to, my mother to set me straight, my in-laws (and bedroom doors that lock). And of course my kindle. 

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Thursday, 1 November 2012



One of the worst things in my opinion is moving away from family and friends. I have to adjust to moving and without my usual support system. It was fine when I was a teenager. I spent half of my adult life living away from home, dying to be home, but making it work ( at times under adverse conditions), then enjoying the comforts of home (but no hearth, and come to think of it, shouldn't there have been something like that for my husband to carry me over?).

And now after years of saying a woman should not give up herself to please a man, I have willingly (that would be my friends cackling I'm hearing in my head as they envisions vacations in another tropical paradise) traipsed behind my husband on his return home. And so here I am again in another home, another country. This time with no home of my own and feeling more displaced than ever. And unemployed to boot.

Eventually I'll settle in and get used to life a a slower pace, something I never thought possible. In the meantime, I guess I"ll just vent and then look back and laugh at myself. All while enjoy the perks of being a stay-at-home wife. If only there could be more shopping involved...

Una de las peores cosas en mi opinión se está alejando de la familia y los amigos. Tengo que ajustar a moverse y sin mi habitual sistema de apoyo. Estaba bien cuando era un adolescente. Me he pasado la mitad de mi vida adulta viviendo lejos de casa, morir al estar en casa, pero sobreviviendo ( a veces en condiciones adversas), a continuación, disfrutando de las comodidades del hogar (pero sin corazón, y ahora que lo pienso, no deberia hecho algo como que para que mi marido me lleve al entrar en la casa mattrimonial? ).

Y ahora, tras años de decir una mujer no debe renunciar a ella solo para complacer a un hombre, he voluntariamente (esa sería mi amigos cacareo estoy escuchando en mi cabeza, mientras ellas contemplan las vacaciones en otro paraíso tropical) seguido detrás de mi marido al volver a su casa. Así que aquí estoy de nuevo en otra casa, otro país. Esta vez sin casa propio y sentiendo más desplazados que nunca. Y encima de todo, estoy desempleada.

Al final voy a asentarme y acostumbrarme a la vida a un ritmo más lento, algo que nunca pensó posible. Mientras tanto, supongo que por el momento descargo y, a continuación, mirar hacia atrás a ríer de mí mismo. Todo ello mientras disfruto de los beneficios de ser un ama de casa. Si sólo se podría haber más de compras...

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