Wednesday, 21 November 2012

Break's over

Let me just say right off the bat, I love my in-laws. I’m one of those persons whose complaints probably sound like jokes to other people. And I know this. But it’s that or nothing. There’s a learning curve to living in someone else’s home, and adjustments have to take place. Most of these on my part because it is hard to go from renting to my own house, just me and my husband, to sharing a smaller home with five other people (including the most amazing fuss-free baby ever, seriously!). But it helps that any idea I come up with to make our (yes ‘our’) space work better, my mother-in-law thinks is the best idea since sliced bread. And my father-in-law emptied out a whole room to create a study for me, furnished it (including a couch I’m trying to figure out how to move with when we get our own place, but I know I can just ask) and surprised me with it when I came to visit. Yes folks, before I even moved here. So please remember this if anything pops up in the future that might sound like a complaint. I have it good and I know it. I just sometimes in spite of my cheery disposition, like to complain. It helps me to fit in.

 Old pic of my desk back home.
So to get to the point, I tidied out my study today and I'm back in business. As soon as I finish watching some stuff on youtube.

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