Saturday, 17 November 2012


For the past two days, instead of taking advantage of my time off from classes to get a jump start on my final project, I did everything else. I cooked, I did laundry, I even tidied our room. Today I started looking at this blog meek-n-mild and kept going back. It's my new obsession. As if I wasn't talented enough at finding things to do to procrastinate: reading, cleaning (which I hate), watching tv (The View, The Chat, The anything actually and Ellen) and generally sitting around doing nothing and wasting time.

I haven't found a good coffee place yet, which means, I am learning to make amazingly good instant coffee (the only coffee lover in my in-laws house, and I left my coffee maker behind in the move). Another thing I miss about home (yes I know, unrelated), but maayybe if I found a coffee house, I'd go there and maybe do some work. Not buying it? Me either, I have lots of space here to sprawl out and study. I'm just a bum, who loves coffee.

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