Friday, 30 November 2012

My kingdom for a car (and a sense of direction)

I'm supposed  to be getting work done today. With less than 2 hours left in the day, I'm still reminding myself of that. And surprisingly, I have gotten quite a bit done today. Today was a good day, and thank goodness, because the previous two were rough. My husband must have been wondering if I was finally having PMS, pre-menopausal, pregnant or all three. (Answer: none of the above) I was just really stressed, funny I know cause I'm not working right? And it might actually have been easier if I was working, I'd be out of the house at least. It's not easy not having a vehicle. Not that it matters cause I don't know my way around anyway. I have driven myself to church and the pharmacy. No big thing, just drive out to the main road and keep going till there you are.

So like I was saying, I started to have a breakdown (no, I was not nervous) day before yesterday. During which I managed to say that job or not I felt stressed and needed space. I have almost used up all my sociableness (I know, not a word), because as friendly as I am, I'm kind of a loner, albeit one who doesn't want to be alone. I'm okay with knowing someone is there, but I don't need to be in the same space or interacting. Which I guess is interpreted as me sleeping a lot (we're living with my in-laws till we settle and I get a job). The upside is I got an early Christmas present (yeah, like I don't recognise that the shiny thing being dangled is just to cheer me up, but I'll take it).I probably wouldn't have spent that much on myself. Well, not on just one item. Yeah hubby!

As I may have mentioned, I really want to work, but somewhere that I want to work. Not just anywhere. Which I realize is something  people  don't get. Once there are sick people, you can just get to doctoring, right? Wrong. But right now, I'll take anywhere that will give me a paycheck. My husband, bless his heart, did get me a card for his account, and in his mind it's ours. But I like to feel like I'm contributing. It makes for guilt-free shopping. And guess what? I finally got paid (for a one month job a little while back)!!! I just a need a permanent gig so we can rent somewhere near to work (and some shops).

Now if I can just get to some shops by myself...

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