Monday, 24 December 2012

A break from my break (food, sun, but no sand)

We recently celebrated our anniversary, and although hubby had to work, he worked it out and surprised me with dinner at this amaahzing restaurant on Paradise Island. As usual, I liked what he chose for himself more, lucky he shares. 

An amazing sour sop souffle
Over the weekend we stayed at hotel for a few days. It was nice and quiet and fun just the two of us. We found an Italian restaurant, Capriccio, the first night and he wanted to eat every meal there after that!

Batter fried calamari

 Spinach and feta ravioli

Linguini with Salmon & alfredo sauce

The food was really good though, so the next day we went back for lunch and had pizza.

And somehow I wasn't hellbent as usual on getting to the beach, I just enjoyed the view of it from our room. It was a wonderful mini-vacation. Don't know when our next break will be, but looking forward to it already. It's nice to get out of our daily surroundings even if just for a little while.

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