Monday, 24 December 2012

It's Christmas!

So Christmas is almost here! At first I didn't feel as excited as I usually do, but I guess being away from home, that's to be expected. I am excited that my husband has the day off, so I'll be spending it with him, yeah! I have finished my Christmas shopping, mostly gifts for our nieces and nephews with a few grown-up gifts in the mix. My gifts for home were bought online and shipped to friend who is home by now. So that helped me to feel connected to home.

The weather here is turning a bit since there's a cold front. I like dressing warm, something I didn't get to do much at home. But the nights take some getting used to. I did shop for tropical winter wear in advance though. Just need to remember to wear it.

This evening we went to a Nine lessons and Carol service at what I hope will become my new church home. It was so good to hear some carols, we don't sing carols till Advent is over, though they didn't sing my all time favourite, the Carol of the Bells. Tomorrow is another Carol service followed by midnight mass, so fingers crossed I'll hear it then. I like old school carols, they feel more Christmassy (yes I know). I'm counting down the hours till my husband's shift ends, and then three days of bliss (except for when I have to do homework). Merry Christmas!

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