Thursday, 27 December 2012

My new normal

So, I thought I was developing allergies to a product, or eczema was flaring on my face because over the past few months I have noticed a persistent dry spot on my chin. I'd leave home and five minutes later be putting lotion on that spot. Then I read an article on Elle's website and realised that *gasp* it might be age related! I have no problems with my age, I just pretty much ignore it, let it be and do my own thing.  I would have appreciated some reciprocity.

Taking care of my skin is something I've tried to do from in my teens, and med school in Cuba meant constant sun exposure, so I'm always using face creams with SPF 15 at least. But this is different, this isn't preventative anymore. So I'm embarking on a new regimen. That eye cream that's been languishing on the side has been pulled out, and added to some new purchases. And it was fun going through everything in the skin care aisle at the pharmacy.

So whereas before I saw a serum as something to buy for my mom, I'm adding it to my daily routine, along with a gel moisturiser and an oil on top of that on my dry-prone chin. I still have my regular SPF Olay complete moisturiser for daytime and an Olay night time cream that I've been using for months and just realised it says 'firming'. So that's why my skin feels taut and a bit dry when I use it... Anyway, I'll be trying to alternate it with the gel, depending on the weather. Fingers crossed that it works.

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