Tuesday, 4 December 2012

So it isn't just about me.

Our anniversary is coming up, and even though this year we're technically on his turf, I want to plan a surprise. At first I was worried about him planning something as well and then I realized I had bigger problems. My credit card just expired. Not to worry, the bank is always prompt with sending out the new one. Problem is, that's back home. So, how is this going to work? Sigh. Uptown problems, right? It's  late, I'm crazy tired, so I guess in the morning I'll call around and I'm sure some nice young person will figure a way out of this minor dilemma and help me part with my money.

In the mean time I'll just dream of anniversary, Christmas, 'hush you don't have a job but you're still an amazing wife' gifts. I'm putting it out to the universe...

Moissanite earrings

It's much harder trying to figure out what to get him, he's such  a guy. And I seem to have peaked early, getting him really good stuff so early in our marriage (the Z whatever sports car is not happening unless he relaxes his views on gambling). And my half dead brain, I'm tired cause I study a lot, just kicked in (and I typed that with a straight face), I think I know what I can get him! If I can figure out how to get where it is. Again with the uptown problems. Suggestions are still welcome. Back to my schoolwork now.

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