Saturday, 15 December 2012

Starting my Christmas list #2

Time to start sorting out my Christmas shopping list for my family here (my in-laws). Everything for back home has been purchased online and shipped with a friend going home, and that and school killed me for a while. Everything had to be small, so as to not be a burden, but still just right. It'll get easier, cause now I'm not limited by size. Just by my pocketbook, (hubby to the rescue!). So I realize I might have to do a bit of  steering, cause if left up to my husband, everyone, including my mother-in-law, may get something electrical. So I will definitely be choosing her gift or he's just going to get her something that plugs in. And while I know she'd appreciate a tv, I'd like us to get her something nicer that she'll use more, but that at the same time has a touch of whimsy. Still thinking about what that might be.

If I were truly evil, I'd get my nieces and nephews the noisiest toys ever! But that would surely backfire, as I'm home during the days and their parents would probably just drop them off with said toys during the holidays. And I don't have a car! So scratch that, I was just joking anyway. And I want them to love reading like their auntie, so I think I'll go in that direction.

Meanwhile, I still have no idea what to get for my husband. Anything I can think of he's gone and bout for himself. I mean seriously, who does that in the two months before Christmas? He'll surely be surprised if I actually listen to him when he says he doesn't need anything. I know gifting is not mandatory for the unemployed, but I like giving something however small, especially if it's meaningful and enjoyed. Anyway, my break is over and I have a deadline to meet. So I'll worry bout that another day. Hope everyone is having better luck than me figuring out what to gift.

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  1. I love the Holidays because the mood that everyone is in but I am kind of feeling like you. Christmas is stressful. All of the gifts you have to get for all these different people and the thought of having to magically figure out what everyone wants! I am at the point where I might just give everyone a gift card. Maybe get your husband a gift card to bass pro shop if he likes stuff like that? haha

    xo, natasha solae

    1. Actually a gift card isn't sounding too bad right about now, cause he just bought us a flat screen. One more thing to cross of my already short list. Sigh.