Saturday, 15 December 2012


I'm considering leaving my hair be and going natural. So for the past 6 months, I have forgone processing. Which is kind of hard, cause since I have little experience with flat-ironing and all those other things, styling my hair is hard. I have found some products which help keep my fly-aways (basically all of my hair) under control. But it's hard. I was never very creative with my hair before, but now I am well and truly stumped.

So last month I did a full sew in weave for the first time. My baby nephew almost didn't recognise me at first. It lasted about a month before I got tired of it. It looked really nice at first, but while in theory I may be high maintenance, in reality I had no idea how to maintain 'my' hair. But it was fun, all glossy and shiny and bouncy and my husband liked it, or at least the colour. But the upkeep was hell. But at least I tried something new. And now I know that long term, it might not be for me. This is what I hope my hair will be like if I persevere.

 Thalia, model represented by Chantale Nadeau #NaturalHair

The outcome of all of this is that I am now hooked a couple of natural hair blogs. As if I needed more distractions from my schoolwork.

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