Monday, 28 January 2013

Working through my list

I've been home for two weeks now, and wouldn't you know it, I got sick halfway through the first week. So I haven't been to the beach yet and it rained a bit last week. But I have been crossing things off my list. I had ackee and saltfish courtesy of my mom. I had Devon house ice cream, sushi, crispy batter fried chicken, jerk chicken, Chinese food (really good crispy pork, remembered about pictures when it was done) and hard dough bread galore. I went to Cannonball and enjoyed a Greek salad, a good cappuccino sweetened with a little slice of chocolate cake.

Greek salad

Cappuccino and chocolate cake

I walked through stores and didn't flinch at the prices and I did some light shopping. And I can actually justify every purchase. I was to get a pair of jeans, and the one I brought to wear tore. So I had to buy two, right? And I needed to replace a pair of sandals, and the Payless store has BOGO, so... I did. And of course I need Lasco to carry back with me and flavoured oats. Kill me dead I'm going to start eating right at least once or twice a week and go from there. It's been easy since being home, so I need to keep that up.

Most of all I have been relaxing. In spite of being sick and having a killer cough keeping me up at night, making school work twice as hard, it's nice to be home and I am enjoying it. Errands and school work tomorrow, or rather later today, but working on my own time AND driving myself around makes it manageable.

Friday, 18 January 2013

Jamaica Jamaica!

I'm home! Since Monday actually. Stayed at home the first few days resting and doing homework. Yesterday I went out for a late lunch with my cousin. I drove and realized how much I missed my Subi (an Impreza) and listening to ZipFM while driving. And seeing mountains! Not the little bumps in the road in Nassau, but rolling hills and mountains in the distance. Heaven.

We went to East Japanese at The Marketplace in St. Andrew. FINALLY some good sushi. I was so excited about the new (to me) menu that we ate off the shrimp dumpling before I remembered anything about pics. I had the rainbow roll after that.


My cousin isn't a sushi fan, so I chose a cooked roll for him. He had the dragon roll and he loved it, the crunchiness of the shrimp tempura and the soft avocado. He did try the rainbow roll  'without the fish on top' but preferred his.

We went to Devon House after that to meet my sisters. And had Devon House ice cream. I had the Devon Stout, it's actually made with stout (a dark beer). Creamy and delicious. It's my brother-in-law's favourite, he tried it when he came to Jamaica for our wedding. If  could find a way to get this back to the Bahamas...

My sister bought a slice of bread pudding and I got a slice of double chocolate cake from the bakery. No pics, but they were really good, especially the bread pudding. I'll have to go back, just to get a picture of the pastry mind you.

A full half day. Next thing now is to reach the beach. Can you imagine? Months in the Bahamas and I have to come Jamaica to reach beach. And hubby don't even shame likkle. Good thing I can find my way to Portland. Might reach Boston for some jerk pork this time.


Tuesday, 15 January 2013

Off the wagon. Deep fryer needed

The other day I saw calamari rings in the supermarket and thought we could try to make one of my husband's favourite things to order out, batter fried calamari rings. Which is funny cause he never used to like them, as a matter of fact he used to try to stop me from eating them. Till I finally got him to try it at Gaucho's. Love at first bite. We found a recipe and adapted it to what we had and  it came out really good.

So I used a medium sized bag bag of prepped calamari rings, I think maybe 1lb and seasoned with:
  • garlic powder
  • black pepper
  • complete seasoning (my cooking version of a cheat sheet)
That was left to marinate for around 30 minutes while we got everything else together. We were hungry, next time I might leave it a bit longer.

We also used:

  • 2 eggs beaten
  • 1 1/2 to 2 cups flour
  • 2 cups crushed cornflakes (pulsed in a food processor) or panko breadcrumbs (we didn't have).
Each of these went in a separate bowl and we formed a two person assembly line.

Each ring was dipped and covered first in flour,

 then dipped in the egg mixture

and finally covered in the crushed cornflakes 

 Before being deep fried in olive oil (I prefer olive oil, but any oil would be good). 2-3 minutes each side till golden brown. A bit time consuming with our small pot, but we didn't want to use to much oil. And I may have given away our deep fryer in downsizing for our move.

We had it with my husband's version of a tartar sauce, but marinara would be good too. 

Fortunately there was enough of share, fill hubby and fuel me to finish my assignments. And feed him again later in the evening. Not healthy I know, but it was too good to not eat.

Saturday, 12 January 2013

Tell the world (I'm coming home!)

I'm going home!!! In three days I'll be on a flight heading to Kingston!!! On the down side, hubby isn't going with me and I'm not ashamed to say I'll miss him something awful. But I was feeling homesick and he thought since I'm not working yet, I should take the opportunity for the trip home. Yea! I'm going to miss him and I love and appreciate him even more for buying my unemployed butt a ticket home, but yea!

So I'll be going to Portland of course, maybe Ochi. I miss taking mini road trips.

Frenchman's Cove

Here in Nassau there's no Negril or Portie to drive to and spend the night. Going country here is flying to a family island. Often on a small plane.Like this one. I kept it together while inside I was laughing hysterically. But I'm better at it now, since the last trip I realized a) only the small planes make me sick and b) Gravol helps. This is where being a lightweight with meds helps.

Cat Island Air, Bahamas
But I digress, I will beg Mummy to make me stew peas, cause mine not coming out like her's. And oxtail, and ackee and saltfish, mine was too salty the last time, usually it's good it's just that her's is better.

 Ackee & saltfish Christmas Day

And Devon House ice cream, and chicken patties and Island Grill, and roadside pan chicken, and belated Christmas cake and crab from Heroes Circle (don't judge) and hardough bread (good luck finding that in Nassau) and the list goes on. 

 Hardough bread from Portland

Sounds like I'm trying to give myself colic? I might.

 But I'm so excited, not even hearing the Trini accent on the flight announcements on AirJ will touch this high. So I'll have three weeks home. And then maybe (and I mean this) I'll have a job waiting when I get back from my vacation from my vacation.

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Thursday, 10 January 2013

New (not New year's) resolutions

I don't really believe in New Year resolutions, but I do believe in taking every opportunity for self improvement. No matter how many times I fall off the wagon, I am determined to get back on. So in aid of  that, this morning when I woke up, I didn't force myself to go back to sleep (I'd gone to sleep waay after midnight). I used that little burst of energy to get up and try some 10 minute Yoga flex. In all fairness, I think what I did would just be called stretching, but it's a start, especially for a housebound person like myself.

 This was maybe the only pose I could kind of do properly

This was followed by a healthy breakfast salad, which to give myself a little credit is something I do occasionally for breakfast or lunch.

2 kiwis, a slice of canteloupe, an apple and some grapes. Only missing the mango.

Then hubby came home from work and felt for steamed mackerel in tomato sauce and bakes. I informed him I am not from the eastern Caribbean, I don't do 'bakes', I make fried dumplings, or even johnny cakes. But I made him breakfast. And fell off the wagon, but I only had three small dumplings. And I realize I need to keep track of what I do, to motivate myself. Don't know what I think of a food diary though. Do those really work?


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Thursday, 3 January 2013

Christmas, New Year's and Apple pie

So for Christmas Day, my husband and I made dessert. Everyone else cooked something, but I really couldn't do much beyond my breakfast cause I had homework (on Christmas Day, sucks right?). So we made two apple pies to carry (and one that got left behind).

Apple pies

So they went like hot cakes, along with vanilla ice cream. We had experimented with a new recipe (combination of a new crust recipe, filling and my old recipe). Safe to say, this is how it will be done from now on. 

So we did one again New Year's Day, just before midnight.

Before going in the oven

After coming out

Of course certain people couldn't go to bed without having some, and I was tempted into breaking a resolution on the cusp of the new year. Sigh.But It was soooo good, especially with vanilla ice cream, so I have no regrets.

Forgot to take a pic before I started eating.

Again, a huge hit obviously, I had two pieces and am realizing hubby knew what he was doing, sharing us some before going to bed. Cause a day later, this is where it was...

I kid you not!
So, yes I feel proud that our work is appreciated, but, I cut a piece and hid it in the fridge. Just in case I sleep in late. Just in case :-) 

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