Thursday, 3 January 2013

Christmas, New Year's and Apple pie

So for Christmas Day, my husband and I made dessert. Everyone else cooked something, but I really couldn't do much beyond my breakfast cause I had homework (on Christmas Day, sucks right?). So we made two apple pies to carry (and one that got left behind).

Apple pies

So they went like hot cakes, along with vanilla ice cream. We had experimented with a new recipe (combination of a new crust recipe, filling and my old recipe). Safe to say, this is how it will be done from now on. 

So we did one again New Year's Day, just before midnight.

Before going in the oven

After coming out

Of course certain people couldn't go to bed without having some, and I was tempted into breaking a resolution on the cusp of the new year. Sigh.But It was soooo good, especially with vanilla ice cream, so I have no regrets.

Forgot to take a pic before I started eating.

Again, a huge hit obviously, I had two pieces and am realizing hubby knew what he was doing, sharing us some before going to bed. Cause a day later, this is where it was...

I kid you not!
So, yes I feel proud that our work is appreciated, but, I cut a piece and hid it in the fridge. Just in case I sleep in late. Just in case :-) 

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