Friday, 18 January 2013

Jamaica Jamaica!

I'm home! Since Monday actually. Stayed at home the first few days resting and doing homework. Yesterday I went out for a late lunch with my cousin. I drove and realized how much I missed my Subi (an Impreza) and listening to ZipFM while driving. And seeing mountains! Not the little bumps in the road in Nassau, but rolling hills and mountains in the distance. Heaven.

We went to East Japanese at The Marketplace in St. Andrew. FINALLY some good sushi. I was so excited about the new (to me) menu that we ate off the shrimp dumpling before I remembered anything about pics. I had the rainbow roll after that.


My cousin isn't a sushi fan, so I chose a cooked roll for him. He had the dragon roll and he loved it, the crunchiness of the shrimp tempura and the soft avocado. He did try the rainbow roll  'without the fish on top' but preferred his.

We went to Devon House after that to meet my sisters. And had Devon House ice cream. I had the Devon Stout, it's actually made with stout (a dark beer). Creamy and delicious. It's my brother-in-law's favourite, he tried it when he came to Jamaica for our wedding. If  could find a way to get this back to the Bahamas...

My sister bought a slice of bread pudding and I got a slice of double chocolate cake from the bakery. No pics, but they were really good, especially the bread pudding. I'll have to go back, just to get a picture of the pastry mind you.

A full half day. Next thing now is to reach the beach. Can you imagine? Months in the Bahamas and I have to come Jamaica to reach beach. And hubby don't even shame likkle. Good thing I can find my way to Portland. Might reach Boston for some jerk pork this time.


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