Saturday, 12 January 2013

Tell the world (I'm coming home!)

I'm going home!!! In three days I'll be on a flight heading to Kingston!!! On the down side, hubby isn't going with me and I'm not ashamed to say I'll miss him something awful. But I was feeling homesick and he thought since I'm not working yet, I should take the opportunity for the trip home. Yea! I'm going to miss him and I love and appreciate him even more for buying my unemployed butt a ticket home, but yea!

So I'll be going to Portland of course, maybe Ochi. I miss taking mini road trips.

Frenchman's Cove

Here in Nassau there's no Negril or Portie to drive to and spend the night. Going country here is flying to a family island. Often on a small plane.Like this one. I kept it together while inside I was laughing hysterically. But I'm better at it now, since the last trip I realized a) only the small planes make me sick and b) Gravol helps. This is where being a lightweight with meds helps.

Cat Island Air, Bahamas
But I digress, I will beg Mummy to make me stew peas, cause mine not coming out like her's. And oxtail, and ackee and saltfish, mine was too salty the last time, usually it's good it's just that her's is better.

 Ackee & saltfish Christmas Day

And Devon House ice cream, and chicken patties and Island Grill, and roadside pan chicken, and belated Christmas cake and crab from Heroes Circle (don't judge) and hardough bread (good luck finding that in Nassau) and the list goes on. 

 Hardough bread from Portland

Sounds like I'm trying to give myself colic? I might.

 But I'm so excited, not even hearing the Trini accent on the flight announcements on AirJ will touch this high. So I'll have three weeks home. And then maybe (and I mean this) I'll have a job waiting when I get back from my vacation from my vacation.

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  1. So you're just the jetsetter aren't you! =]. My family is from the Bahamas and I can't wait to go back this summer! WOOP! Thanks for sharing your travels with us!


    1. Hardly a jetsetter! Just an unemployed Jamaican who found a cheap ticket home :) Once I get more settled in Nassau I'll start moving around there more, it's just nice to be home where I know my way around. Hope you do make it to the Bahamas this summer. Which island?