Monday, 28 January 2013

Working through my list

I've been home for two weeks now, and wouldn't you know it, I got sick halfway through the first week. So I haven't been to the beach yet and it rained a bit last week. But I have been crossing things off my list. I had ackee and saltfish courtesy of my mom. I had Devon house ice cream, sushi, crispy batter fried chicken, jerk chicken, Chinese food (really good crispy pork, remembered about pictures when it was done) and hard dough bread galore. I went to Cannonball and enjoyed a Greek salad, a good cappuccino sweetened with a little slice of chocolate cake.

Greek salad

Cappuccino and chocolate cake

I walked through stores and didn't flinch at the prices and I did some light shopping. And I can actually justify every purchase. I was to get a pair of jeans, and the one I brought to wear tore. So I had to buy two, right? And I needed to replace a pair of sandals, and the Payless store has BOGO, so... I did. And of course I need Lasco to carry back with me and flavoured oats. Kill me dead I'm going to start eating right at least once or twice a week and go from there. It's been easy since being home, so I need to keep that up.

Most of all I have been relaxing. In spite of being sick and having a killer cough keeping me up at night, making school work twice as hard, it's nice to be home and I am enjoying it. Errands and school work tomorrow, or rather later today, but working on my own time AND driving myself around makes it manageable.

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