Thursday, 21 February 2013

Frenchman's Cove (Portland run pt. 2)

So I have taken forever to just put up the rest of the pictures from my Portland trip. Getting resettled and started some new courses (what was I thinking). Anyway, I had gone to Frenchman's Cove in Portland while I was home. I took the day, drove down and just relaxed taking in the scenery.

The beach is private, so you pay to go in. But for me it's worth it, cause if I go by myself, I can feel safe, and not worry about my stuff while I go in the water. After parking, the property before reaching the beach is beautiful.

You walk over a small bridge to get to the beach because, heads up, there's a river on the property which runs out into the sea. And it is cold! but I love it. You can actually see fish all the way down to way the river reaches the beach.

And the beach...
There were very few people when I got there in the morning, which is why I like going there during the week. The beach is clean, the view is lovely. It's just worth the long drive every time.

 So I read my magazines, in the shade with sunblock on, as I was warned not to tan too much (hubby worries about skin cancer).

I had lunch (sorry about my finger in the frame). A nice juicy cheeseburger, chips and a Red Stripe (light). These days I only have beer if I go to the beach. I feel I can justify it somehow.

 I relaxed some more and then walked over to the left where the river flows towards the sea.

The water was COLD! I barely made it in past my knees this time, but I have swam in it on other occasions. It's probably more fun and tolerable with more people. I just went in and watched the fish swimming around my feet.

And then it was time for one last look before leaving. 
I don't like getting caught on Junction at night on the way back. I'm usually sleepy from a day in the sun, the other drivers, especially route taxis, can be terrible and that's not a good combo.
The views on the drive back were great
 Trident Castle, Portland, Jamaica.

 Roundabout to head back through Junction to St. Andrew.
After getting home, I cancelled my plans for the night and went to bed early and dreamt of my day at the beach.


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