Wednesday, 13 February 2013

Life is short, eat well

I was home in Jamaica for a month, and was just focusing on enjoying that time with my family and friends. And in spite of a bad cough, it was great. I ended up extending my stay another week after I got better and thank goodness I did, cause soon I'll no longer be unemployed! So I made the most of my time home, got some simple stuff that I kind of took for granted, like chocolate cake from this bakery near home.

Chinese food in Nassau is, according to my husband, not to be trusted, so I had some for lunch one day with my sister while home. Special chow mein, crispy pork and New York fried rice. Yummy and I'm torturing myself now looking at the picture.

And I went to lunch at Hot Pot restaurant in New Kingston with a friend and had some really good Gungo Peas soup.

I also had some nice hot buttery grotto bread on the way back from Portland one day with some Tastee cheese. While driving, not a good idea if you're not used to the road as between the amazing view and the buttery softness of the bread, you could get distracted. Do as I say not as I do (but the bread had to be had hot).

Of course my time home was not all about food, but there were so many things I ate and THEN thought, oh, I maybe should have taken a picture of that. Oxtail, jerk chicken, ackee and saltfish, the list goes on. Oh well. Life is short, and my time home just flew by, so I made the most of it. More time...

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