Friday, 1 February 2013

Mac Attack

Today I went to extend my ticket for a week, haven't done much since I got sick right after reaching home, just struggled with homework. So next week (fingers crossed) will be The Week I Go To The Beach. I have to, Nassau keeps having these cold fronts, so things on the beach front not looking too bright there. Anyway, as usual I managed to get sidetracked and ended up at the Mac store in Sovereign. All I was looking for was the lip pencil in Cork. Honestly. But they didn't have it, sooo... I looked at other stuff.

I ended up choosing another lip pencil and some other stuff. All things I either ran out of or was running low on or just needed. Really.

So this is everything I got (just 2 shots of the same stuff, I did not go crazy), including some stuff for my sister in the packaging. I really like the packaging of Mac's stuff, simple and to the point.

So everything I got is kind of neutral, which is not as I have been accused, bland. It's just what I like since I prefer a more natural look. They didn't have the SPF lip conditioner in a small pot, rather the tube, so I didn't get that. I got a brow pencil (Spiked) and eye shadow (a matte Espresso) both a necessity for something with thin brows (my sisters sucked that well dry, even though I am the first born). And something I am easing myself into, lip colours. Just nothing too bright.

So the lip pencil I got is Nice 'N' Spicy pro longwear lip pencil which is a bit pinker, less brown I guess, than what I normally use, but really similar. What I have now is the Hover which I really like, but as sometimes I just want to use lip pencil and conditioner, it makes me seem a bit pale. The Nice 'N' Spicy seems to brighten my face more. And I got a lipstick. I don't usually like how lipsticks smells and that will cause me to not use them. So I tend to check for colour and smell, and Mac lipsticks fill both requirements, so I got the Twig satin lipstick.

So the first swatch is Hover, the second Nice 'N' Spicy, the last Twig, pinker than my usual but I like it. Since being in Nassau, I realise when going out and looking around that my lack of make-up is at times a bit distinctive. Everyone wears make-up everywhere. At least that's how it seems to me. So I have worn make-up more often in the past four months than in the last four years. And I think I'm getting better at it. Of course I'm very much open to suggestions, gentle ones. I leave fuchsia and the like to my youngest sister. It was fun going out with her, I really miss that in Nassau.

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