Sunday, 17 March 2013

My mini shopping spree

So a few days ago, I was feeling a bit out of sorts and went to this plaza down the road, just to grab something to eat. But there are two shoe stores there and somehow I ended up in both. So I got myself a few things to cheer myself up ( and I know I shouldn't depend on 'things' for happiness, and I don't, but sometimes I think I deserve something nice).

 Dr. School's slingbacks

 My new favourite shoes, like walking on a cloud they're so cushiony
Figured I need cold weather shoes now with all these cold fronts in Nassau. Still waiting for a chance to wear them.

I am in love with this bag, I went out the day with my phone and purse only, so it kinda made sense to buy a bag, right? So for the past three days, this bag has been my new companion. It's not very big, but it fits my phone, camera, notebook and new purse.

I know the pics could be a bit better. Hopefully my next major purchase will be a camera. Or maybe I should learn how to use this one properly first.

Tuesday, 12 March 2013

Hair today gone tomorrow? Nope

Everyone always says how hard transitioning (growing out a relaxer is), but for me it hasn't seemed that hard so far. There was one afternoon having a hairdresser flat-iron my hair where it looked amaxing for about an hour or two before going poof. And some days where I seem to have sprouted extra hair and it fights the restraints of everything I try before finally submitting. But really since all I do is pull my hair up and bun it, it's not surprising I didn't know what this great hardship was. Until yesterday.

I decided to straighten my hair myself to wear it down instead of the usual bun. So I washed my hair early in the morning then went online to see how I should best go about it. And I realize the problem before might have been the products used. The hairdresser flat-ironed my hair as if it were just processed (and the ends are), but ignored the fact that my roots are very much natural. Anyway, the overall thing seems to be don't wear your hair down with products (guilty). So I used a little bit of shine booster in six sections throughout my hair and loosely twisted them.
Optimum Oil Therapy

Then I sat under a hooded drier on medium heat for 45 minutes. After this my hair was mostly dry, with a nice loose curl. Pulled out the twist and blow dried, again on a medium heat setting. Then came the hard part. Starting at the nape I pulled small 2-3 inch section of hair rubbed a small amount of KeraCare creme press from roots to ends.
KeraCare creme press
Then I used the flat iron on medium to high heat, passing the flat irno over each section three times. The first thing I noticed was that I didn't smell scorched hair and the ends of my hair didn't looked crisp. After finishing everything (I don't even want to think about how long it all took) I pin curled my hair, not very neatly but whatever, and covered with a silk bonnet (not cute). When I took down my hair in the evening I only had to recurl two section at the front. All in all, it lasted well throughout the evening in cold weather and ac. And the next morning excpecting the worst and thinking of all the time I spent on my hair yesterday, I was pleasantly surprised that it was looking fine.
Yes, I need a trim/cut

It takes forever, but since this won't be a regular thing for me, that's fine. I do wonder how naturals who keep their hair straight manage this on a regular though.