Sunday, 17 March 2013

My mini shopping spree

So a few days ago, I was feeling a bit out of sorts and went to this plaza down the road, just to grab something to eat. But there are two shoe stores there and somehow I ended up in both. So I got myself a few things to cheer myself up ( and I know I shouldn't depend on 'things' for happiness, and I don't, but sometimes I think I deserve something nice).

 Dr. School's slingbacks

 My new favourite shoes, like walking on a cloud they're so cushiony
Figured I need cold weather shoes now with all these cold fronts in Nassau. Still waiting for a chance to wear them.

I am in love with this bag, I went out the day with my phone and purse only, so it kinda made sense to buy a bag, right? So for the past three days, this bag has been my new companion. It's not very big, but it fits my phone, camera, notebook and new purse.

I know the pics could be a bit better. Hopefully my next major purchase will be a camera. Or maybe I should learn how to use this one properly first.

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