Wednesday, 8 May 2013


So I've been back at work for a while now and still adjusting. It's great to not be at home all the time. But now that we're in our own place and I can drive myself to more places than just the shopping centre down the road (I love browsing through the beauty section of the pharmacy and looking at bags and shoes), I have work. To make up for that, I have a pool that I haven't seen any one else using and a weird schedule that allows me to have use of it during the day when we're the only ones home in the complex. Only been in once, but I'll be working on that. And the supermarket near here is much nicer. I really am turning into a housewife (except for the cleaning bit) just as I'm back out in the working world.

So we're all unpacked now, but in need of just a bit more storage. A small bookshelf should help clear up the last bit of stuff I have no idea where to put. But it's nice to have all this space just for the two of us. And the location is great. There's a beach nearby.

And further down the road

past a couple roundabouts (also the way to the supermarket),

there's a boardwalk leading down to a natural habitat and a pond

with the cutest ducks.

So when we work mornings or have a day off, we can go there to walk. Maybe at some point I'll even work up to using the jogging path.

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