Wednesday, 12 June 2013

Day out in Nassau

So I think my husband sometimes forgets that I'm still kind of a tourist here. And as stressful as it can be being in a hospital so much, Nassau has some nice spots to unwind on our days off. He doesn't want to do the tourist thing, so fortunately, since I started working my mum has been to stay with us, and my aunt and cousin passed through. So there, I'm not 'acting like a tourist', noooo. We're showing my family around.

 The Queen's staircase

I've been here a couple times before, but it was raining when we came the other day. I was worried about the rain making sightseeing difficult, but this is one place that definitely looks better in the rain. There's a waterfall on the left as you can see that just comes alive in the rain. It was beautiful.
Hubby stayed and watched the car.

 One of the other stops we managed in the rain was Fort Charlotte, which is near the waterfront and across from Arawak Cay or Fish Fry (home of Twin Brother's, coming to that just now).

I had wanted to go to the Flamingo march at Ardastra Gardens, but it was closed because of the weather. When it did rain, it really felt like storm weather. There were times when we were just sitting in the car for like five minutes just waiting on a window to dash from the car to wherever. 

We made it to my new favourite place in Nassau, besides the beach, any beach, The Boardwalk.

We saw ducks, turtles and fish in the pond/lake. And I just realized I need to talk a pic of the boardwalk itself when we go back.

We did make it to Twin Brother's for lunch cause I wanted them to try conch. Maybe went a bit overboard, but it was worth it. We ordered conch chowder, conch fritters, conch salad and cracked conch.

Cracked conch
Conch salad
Wall art at Twin Brother's

Conch salad bar at Twin Brother's. I had no idea there was one with pineapple. I think the guy said it was a Tropical. Definitely trying that next.

It was a full day, and we squeezed in a lot in spite of the rain. My sister should be coming to visit soon, so please, excuse me while I go google some places I she might like to see. That's the excuse I'm rolling with thank you very much.

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