Sunday, 18 August 2013

Reality bites

So my laptop crashed on me. It's slowly coming back to life, but now I have to back up everything that wasn't lost. And what was lost was my latest assignment. Murphy's law, right. So now I'm sleep deprived, frustrated and late with my homework. Under different circumstances, I might have ran out to get myself something nice to cheer myself up and get going this morning. Even a cup of coffee.

Dreaming of the coffee from Rituals in Kingston.

The perils of one car and two schedules. So instead I'm cheering myself up by looking at pictures while my laptop does it's thing and I try to remember what I wrote.Looking at pictures of places we went while my sister was visiting reminds me of how beautiful Nassau can be. So I need to get stuff done so we can go out more.

The lake at the Boardwalk

Queen's Staircase

Queen's staircase

Beach at Lyford Key

At any rate even with visions of the work I don't know how to get through dancing through my head at night, this coming week will be better. Because I have a few days off. Heaven. Maybe I'll dream of that instead tonight.

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