Wednesday, 18 September 2013

Fish my way

I find myself getting a little bit more creative in the kitchen these days. I guess it's my way of de-stressing. I found coconut milk here the other day, so I decided to do curried fish.

I'm getting more comfortable with cooking fish and realising that I like it more than I thought. I still am not at the point of doing a nice juicy fried fish like you get at Hellshire in Jamaica, but I'm having fun trying other things along  the way. 

It was easy to just season the fish fillets with salt, black pepper, curry powder and complete seasoning. The curry powder here in Nassau tastes different, so I don't use it. I have curry my mom brought from home (Jamaica) and it makes a world of difference.

I brushed the pan with oil and fried the fish about 2 minutes each side before pouring in the coconut milk.

And  let it simmer for around 20 minutes till the coconut milk got thicker.

I used some off the coconut milk in the rice and we had it with some bean salad.

Next thing I'll be making my nice crispy, juicy Hellshire fish with festival.

Sunday, 8 September 2013

Birds of Ardastra

I went home a few weeks ago, and even though I didn't get much rest, I came back feeling rested. And then got swamped between work and school. But I did manage to squeeze in some time to carry my cousin around one day. Ardastra Gardens is a great place to go for a day out in Nassau, besides the beach. The zoo is nice, with a variety of animals. My favourites are the birds, and they're not shy.

The flamingo march three times a day is beautiful. They really do march, responding to simple commands and at the end you get to go in and take a picture of 'your best flamingo pose'. Eventually I'll get mine right and put up a picture of it.

 We just missed the Lorry feeding this time, so we'll have to go earlier on her next visit. It's fun if you're not scared of all these small colourful birds flocking to you for a piece of apple.

  The peacocks wander around the property, you just know they're only tolerating your presence.

This swan followed us as we walked around the pond, which led me to believe that he thought we were gonna feed him. Wasn't sure about that since the petting zoo and feeding section was on the other side.

Turtles catching some sun.

 Everytime we go to Ardastra I wonder why it seems to be mostly tourists and kids on field trips. It's definitely worth going on the weekend. And it doesn't hurt that the gardens were started by a Jamaican who moved here decades ago, we're good like that.